The Essex and Kent Scottish Senate

membership (as of 2015)

  1. Past COs:
    » LCol. R.A.P. Rideout
    » Maj. G.G. Mardling
    » Col. W.R Martin
    » LCol. C.W. Yorke
    » LCol F.H. Wheeler
    » LCol. P.J. Ryan
    » LCol. M.P. Robinson
    » HCol P.A. Berthiaume
    » LCol M.W. Brause
    » Maj V.M. Douglas

  2. Past Honourary Chief G.M. Stannard
    Honourary LCol F.D. Woodall

  3. Ex-officio and non-voting member, the current CO, LCol J.C. Hodgins

Senate photo - 2013

Front (L to R): LCol RAP Rideout, Capt JF Elliott, HCol FH Wheeler, LCol GM Stannard, Col WR Martin.
Rear: LCol MW Brause (by invitation), LCol PA Berthiaume, LCol PJ Ryan, LCol MP Robinson.
Missing: Maj GG Mardling, LCol CW Yorke, HLCol FD Woodall.

(Sadly, Capt Jim Elliott passed away on March 27, 2013 - he is missed)

news & updates

Battlefield Tour 2017

A battlefield tour for serving and past members of the Essex and Kent Scottish, their families and the general public is scheduled for 12 to 23 August 2017. The same tour company that led our tours in 2006 and 2012, Battle Honours Inc, will conduct this tour through England, France and Germany and include the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. See the flyer opposite and the link in the LEFT margin.

Posted August 26, 2016


Almost every week we get an inquiry asking for information, photos or military records of past members of the Regiment. This most often concerns veterans of World War II. ALL personal records of members of the Regiment are sent to National Defence Headquarters then on to Library and Archives Canada immediately after release from the Army. Go to the link LIBRARY & ARCHIVES CANADA below or consult the PowerPoint below on how to access military records of family members. Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted December 23, 2015


The Regimental Manual (Change 7) linked on this Home Page has been approved by the Senate and is the most up-to-date source for customs, dinners and dress.

Comments or suggested changes are most welcome.

Posted August 19, 2016


Historical Research and EK Artifacts - click here to download booklet
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