The Essex and Kent Scottish History


Evolution of Regiment's Name

  Essex County Kent County  
1749 part of Detroit Militia (French)   1749
1760 part of the Detroit Militia (British) part of the Detroit Militia (British) 1760
1787 part of Detroit Regiment part of Detroit Regiment 1787
1793 Essex Regiment of Militia   1793
1794 South/North Battalion of Infantry Kent Regiment of Militia 1794
1809 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Battalion of Essex Militia   1809

War of 1812
Patriot War of 1838

1838   1st/2nd/3rd Regiment of Kent Militia 1838
1850 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Battalion of Essex Militia   1850
1862 Volunteer Militia Company of Infantry No. 1/No. 2 Company of Infantry 1862
1866 23rd Battalion of Infantry 24th Kent Battalion of Infantry 1866
1870 Infantry companies in Windsor & Leamington soon disbanded   1870
1882 No. 7 Company, 24th Kent Battalion of Infantry   1882
1885 **21st Essex Battalion of Infantry**   1885
1887 21st Battalion Essex Fusiliers   1887
1892   disbanded 1892
1900 21st Regiment Essex Fusiliers   1900
1901   **24th Kent Regiment** 1901

The Great War 1914-18

1920 Essex Fusiliers Kent Regiment 1920
1927 The Essex Scottish   1927
1936   Kent Regiment (Machine Gun) 1936

Second World War 1939-45

1941   Kent Regiment 1941

Korean War 1950-53

1954 The Essex and Kent Scottish The Essex and Kent Scottish 1954

United Nations Peacekeeping
Former Yugoslavia Peace Enforcement 1992-2001
Afghanistan War 2001-2014

** date of continuous lineage

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Posted November 07, 2017


Almost every week we get an inquiry asking for information, photos or military records of past members of the Regiment. This most often concerns veterans of World War II. ALL personal records of members of the Regiment are sent to National Defence Headquarters then on to Library and Archives Canada immediately after release from the Army. Go to the link LIBRARY & ARCHIVES CANADA below or consult the PowerPoint below on how to access military records of family members. Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted December 23, 2015


The Regimental Manual (Change 7) linked on this Home Page has been approved by the Senate and is the most up-to-date source for customs, dinners and dress.

Comments or suggested changes are most welcome.

Posted November 07, 2017


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