The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment Association

board of directors

November 2014 - November 2016

Association Board of Directors - 2015

Front (L to R): Mary Baruth, Morris Brause (Vice President), Pat Coughlin (President), Doug Skinner (Treasurer), Cathy MacDonald
Rear: Blake Harding, Greg Childs, HCol Phil Berthiaume - guest, WO Al McCabe, Hardy Wheeler, Jack Goddard, Doug Pfeifer, Bill Carruthers
Missing: Helen McCabe (Secretary), Eric Skelton

Pat Coughlin President
Morris Brause Vice President
Helen McCabe Secretary
Doug Skinner Treasurer
Mary Baruth Director
Bill Carruthers Director
Greg Childs Director
Jack Goddard Director
Blake Harding Director
Cathy MacDonald Director
WO Al McCabe Director (CO's Representative)
Lt. Patryk Pakula Director (CO's Representative)
Doug Pfeifer Director
Eric Skelton Past President
Hardy Wheeler Director

General By-Law 402 states in part:

"2. The Board of Directors shall be members of the Association and be comprised of:

a. the immediate outgoing past president;

b. up to thirteen (13) members elected by the membership;

c. solely at his discretion the CO may appoint one serving officer and one serving non-commissioned member; and

d. to satisfy the representative needs of the serving and non-serving members, and the rank structure of the Regiment, included in the sixteen people above shall be one serving officer, one serving non-commissioned member, two former officers and two former non-commissioned members. (Amended 18 November 2010)

3. No member of the Board who is a serving member of the Regiment shall be elected President or Vice-President."

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Posted November 07, 2017


Almost every week we get an inquiry asking for information, photos or military records of past members of the Regiment. This most often concerns veterans of World War II. ALL personal records of members of the Regiment are sent to National Defence Headquarters then on to Library and Archives Canada immediately after release from the Army. Go to the link LIBRARY & ARCHIVES CANADA below or consult the PowerPoint below on how to access military records of family members. Thanks for your cooperation.

Posted December 23, 2015


The Regimental Manual (Change 7) linked on this Home Page has been approved by the Senate and is the most up-to-date source for customs, dinners and dress.

Comments or suggested changes are most welcome.

Posted November 07, 2017


Historical Research and EK Artifacts - click here to download booklet
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